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Jackson Probate Administration Lawyer

At Abbott, Thomson, Mauldin, Parker, Beer & Rick, P.L.C., we serve personal representatives (often called estate administrators or executors) in the estate planning process. We also offer counsel regarding trust administration. At our Jackson, Michigan, law firm, we work with estate administrators to guide them through the probate process, which generally includes the following steps:

  • Gathering assets: The process begins with a thorough collection, inventory and appraisal of all assets that are subject to probate. Assets generally include real estate, investment accounts, bank accounts, vehicles, money that is owed to a decedent, final paychecks, life insurance and retirement accounts.
  • Making payments to creditors: Estate administrators must then pay bills due to creditors. These include funeral or cremation expenses, debts and taxes, the expenses of estate administration, and all other claims against the estate.
  • Distributing property: The final step in the probate process is to distribute the remaining property in accordance with the will or the laws of intestate succession.

When guiding clients through the probate process, our attorneys prepare all necessary paperwork and occasionally resolve estate litigation. As experienced lawyers, we know what needs to be done to achieve the best possible results.

Trust Administration

We also have in-depth knowledge of the Michigan Trust Code, a statutory scheme affecting the beneficiaries of a trust as well as trust administrators. The code requires certain disclosures. If not done correctly, trustees and beneficiaries may be exposed to litigation and liability. We also provide litigation support to trust administrators and beneficiaries involved in lawsuits.

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