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Providing Effective Legal Guidance To Municipalities And Public Entities

Local governments – municipalities and public entities – have an assortment of needs. Because there are so many needs, cities, townships and counties understand that they require a good deal of help from collaborative partners.

For decades, the attorneys at Abbott, Thomson, Mauldin, Parker, Beer & Rick, P.L.C., in Jackson, Michigan, have represented municipalities and public entities, advising them in matters such as labor relations, municipal law, zoning and land use planning, and prosecution services. You get experience, knowledge and assertive advocacy with us.

A Knowledgeable Legal Hand

When looking for legal assistance, the key is to find a solid advocate and insightful source who brings deep knowledge and experience. As skilled problem-solvers, we analyze every issue, collaborate with clients and explain the available legal options. Our government clients have relied on us in matters that include:

  • Municipal law: annexation, elections, licensing, public safety, ordinances and public meeting laws
  • Property taxes: assessments, levies, collections and appeals
  • Litigation: condemnation, enforcement of ordinances, liability and disputes
  • Zoning and land use planning : public hearings, appeals and ordinance review
  • Bond issues: financing of infrastructure, ballot proposals and tax increment structuring
  • Labor relations: hiring and firing, arbitration, pensions, 403(b) plans and contract negotiations
  • Environmental issues: solid waste regulation, site audits, Clean Water Act and the public’s right to know
  • Prosecution services: helping municipalities prosecute offenders of traffic and low-level crimes
  • Water, sewage and draining systems: right of way acquisition, complying with state and federal law

It is crucial to work with a dependable and effective law firm that sets you in the right direction. We will help you achieve your goals. You will find that our services will exceed your expectations.

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Municipalities and public entities can turn to Abbott, Thomson, Mauldin, Parker, Beer & Rick, P.L.C., to provide solid advice for their legal needs. We have decades of experience in helping in matters such as labor relations, bond issues and prosecution services. We serve all of south-central Michigan from our office in Jackson. For a free initial consultation, please contact us online or call 517-787-8570.